3/9, 6–8pm
Performance by Mallory Kimmel
(with additional unannounced performances throughout the duration of the exhibition)

Please join us for workshops presented by Judit Navratil in the Atrium:

3/15, 4–6pm
Digital Doula Workshop 1

3/16, 4–6pm
Digital Doula Workshop 2

3/16, 2–3pm
LDS Group Rolling Workshop

The Digital Doula Workshop is a collaborative experiment examining the possibilities and dangers of the body-less mind space of virtual and "natural" reality. Each workshop is an "Entrance Flying Mat Ceremony" for people to "move into" a VR Social Housing Neighborhood called Szívküldi Lakótelep, that gathers friends through memories and develops language for the meaning of "home" in cyberspace. Workshop participants can bring their own images to work with in TiltBrush––a 3D painting VR application––while a discussion circle helps elucidate the mechanics of hypernormalization and the flattening of emotions.

In the LDS (Long Distance Somersault) Group Rolling Workshop we examine the simple movement of tumbling, the possibilities of group somersaults.

As an analogue of our everyday hamster wheels, we can practice to find calmness and how to look in the Eye of the Hurricane.

The event is free and children friendly with the responsibility of parents to keep all bodies safe.

Please RSVP to the Workshops by adding your name to the sign-up list.